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16.200 km2

220 msnm

Temperatura promedio
28 °C


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Colombian Armed Forces Neutralize FARC Dissidents  Dialogo Americas

In a joint, interagency operation, Colombian forces arrested guerrillas who rejected the peace process.

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Back in Venezuela, they were teachers, police officers and newspaper carriers, but were forced to flee their homeland in search of work and money to survive.

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Colombia is combating coca cultivation, the lowest echelon of the cocaine trade, in Guaviare, a province with a history dominated by drug trafficking.

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Rest of World News: Back in Venezuela, they were teachers, police officers and newspaper carriers, but were forced to flee their homeland in search of work and ...

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Colombia's government and the country's biggest rebel group reached a deal Wednesday evening for ending a half-century of hostilities in what has been one of ...

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U.S. President Donald Trump recently signed a determination that singles out Venezuela for failing to adhere to counternarcotics obligations. The accusation ...

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Sales of illegal drugs inside Colombia were worth more than $2 billion in 2015, the equivalent of 0.75 percent of gross domestic product, the government said on ...

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