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415 km2

7 msnm

Temperatura promedio
28 °C


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atrateño, atrateña, atrateños


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'The Only Protection Is God': Negotiating Faith and Violence in Chocó  Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting

The predominantly Afro-Colombian region Chocó faces poverty, violence, and environmental destruction. Compensating for state neglect, the Catholic Church ...

Gómez Pinzón Advises on Hydro Global's Acquisition of Macquarie Development Corporation  Leaders League

Gómez-Pinzón Abogados acted as counsel for Hydro Global Investment Limited, a company owned by China Three Gorges Corporation and EDP - Energias de ...

China and Portugal step up Belt & Road co-operation  The Asset

By signing a Memorandum of Understanding on Belt and Road cooperation with China, Lisbon is clearly exerting its economic independence away from any EU ...

Colombia’s constitutional court grants rights to the Atrato River and orders the government to clean up its waters

CHOCÓ, Colombia – Rivers, forests and its inhabitants are inseparably connected in Colombia's Chocó department on the country's northwest coast. The gravity ...

Researchers aim to help Colombia communities hit by illegal gold mining  Phys.Org

A University of Portsmouth expert in space technologies and disaster risk reduction is involved in a new project in the UK and Colombia on illegal gold mining.

Can a river have legal rights? I visited the jungles of Colombia to find out  The Conversation UK

The Atrato River has been awarded rights. But it will be tough to translate these abstract ideals into actual progress.

Horrors of war return to western Colombia  Colombia Reports

Western Colombia looks again to be plunged into the horrors of war as local indigenous leaders denounce a bombing that took place on Tuesday morning ...

Colombian Court grants the Atrato River rights and protection  The City Paper Bogotá

A high court in Colombia has ruled that the Atrato River is deserving of rights as guaranteed by the Constitution. This landmark decision sets an important ...

How a Scottish university is helping a community – and a river – besieged by illegal mining  HeraldScotland

EXPERTS from Glasgow University are helping destitute Colombians take on illegal loggers and armed paramilitaries, as they look to protect a river…

Colombia Combats Illegal Gold Mining  Dialogo Americas

The Colombian Armed Forces conducted a coordinated operation against illegal mining along the Atrato, Quito, and San Pablo rivers, in the department of ...

Colombian River Gains Legal Rights  International Rivers

Another river has won legal rights. In a landmark verdict, Colombia's Constitutional Court has recognized the Atrato River basin as having rights to “protection, ...

Colombian community leader allegedly murdered for standing up to palm oil

Colombian community leader Hernan Bedoya, who defended collective land rights for Afro-Colombian farmers as well as local biodiversity in the face of palm oil ...

Should Rivers Have Rights? A Growing Movement Says It's About Time  Yale Environment 360

Inspired by indigenous views of nature, a movement to grant a form of legal “personhood” to rivers is gaining some ground — a key step, advocates say, ...

Choco  Colombia Reports

Data and statistics on Choco, where Spain built its first city in the Americas. After centuries of neglect, the province is now the poorest in Colombia.

Court orders Colombia to save river from mining. These images should show why  Colombia Reports

Colombia's constitutional court demanded on Tuesday that the government take immediate measures to save the country's main river in the west from being ...

ABColombia partner Tierra Digna wins landmark Constitutional Court case introducing an “ecocentric” vision of Human Rights - Colombia  Reliefweb

In a landmark ruling, the Colombian Constitutional Court adopted an unprecedented ecocentric approach to human rights: the judges recognised Colombia's ...

Colombia Grants Legal Rights To The Polluted Atrato River

Colombia just decided a badly contaminated river has the legal right to protection, conservation, maintenance and restoration.

WFP Colombia Country Brief, July 2018 - Colombia  ReliefWeb

English Situation Report on Colombia about Contributions, Coordination, IDPs, Refugees and more; published on 31 Jul 2018 by WFP.

Colombia's Alto Baudó: At the crossroads of oceans  The City Paper Bogotá

Can we really be there?” I wonder, as our motorboat pulls to the side of a river deep in the Chocó. I am expecting a town, but there is none in sight, just a muddy ...

Colombian land defenders: 'They're killing us one by one'

CARMEN DEL DARIEN, Colombia – Community leaders in Colombia's western Chocó are calling on the government to provide security after receiving ongoing ...

Forging new leaders for a Colombian region torn by war  UNHCR

UNHCR-backed youth leadership school seeks to build a secure future for Chocó department, a remote region scarred by decades of conflict.

Gold Fever, Green Dreams: The Many Faces of Gold Mining in Colombia (Pt. 2)  NACLA

This article is the second in a two-part investigative series on the social, economic, and ecological impacts of gold mining in Colombia.

Foreign investment flods Colombia's Pacific  Open Democracy

Colombia's Pacific is a neglected part of the country. Foreign investment is now heading there, fostering a type of development which breeds inequality and ...

How Colombia became Latin America's palm oil powerhouse

Commercial oil palm cultivation in Colombia began in 1945 when a U.S.-based company established a plantation in the banana zone of the Magdalena ...

Growing forced displacement in the department of Chocó, western Colombia  UNHCR

In Colombia, UNHCR is seeing increased recent forced displacement in the department of Chocó, in the country's west. In the past two months alone, more.

Colombia: Farc guerrillas prepare for a life more ordinary  Irish Times

After over 50 years of struggle in war-torn state, insurgents turn in weapons to the UN.

A Terrifying Journey Through the World's Most Dangerous Jungle  Outside

The Darién Gap is one of the world's most dangerous places, a lawless, roadless wilderness on the border of Colombia and Panama, teeming with everything ...

4.7 magnitude earthquake shakes Medellin and Colombia’s coffee region  Colombia Reports

A 4.7 magnitude earthquake hit Colombia Thursday morning, causing unrest but leaving no immediate reports of damages or injuries. The epicenter of the ...

The last journey of Jan Philip Braunisch  The City Paper Bogota

Swedish traveler Jan Philip Braunisch ventured into the Darien Gap on an adventure which would end in tragedy.

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