Alto Baudó, Chocó

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1.532 km2

6 msnm

Temperatura promedio
28 °C


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altobaudoseño, altobaudoseña, altobaudoseños


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notaria Notaría Única de Alto Baudó - Notaría Única - Alto Baudó Pie de Pató
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Colombia's Alto Baudó: At the crossroads of oceans  The City Paper Bogotá

Can we really be there?” I wonder, as our motorboat pulls to the side of a river deep in the Chocó. I am expecting a town, but there is none in sight, just a muddy ...

Violent History Repeats Itself in Colombia's Strategic Chocó Department

The ELN has denied responsibility for the killing of five civilians in the Colombian department of Chocó. The latest violence shows the zone's valuable strategic ...

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The cries of hungry babies pierce the quiet of dawn in the green jungles of Colombia. For thousands of indigenous families displaced by war, recent peace ...

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In the first year of implementation of the Peace Agreement between the government and the FARC, the number of deaths decreased considerably. But Colombia ...

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The forced displacement of nearly 400 people from a community in North West Colombia by a paramilitary group is tragic evidence that the armed conflict is far ...

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Rural Colombia remains a 'Wild West' of guerrilla and paramilitary violence, but amid threats and attacks village pastors preach the gospel of Christ. by Jamie ...

"Pistol plan" shows why peace celebrations in Colombia premature

Rather than ending years of conflict, the peace deal with the FARC may have opened up yet another chapter of violence.

Forced displacement growing in Colombia despite peace agreement  UNHCR

Violence continues to uproot thousands of people in Colombia, despite a peace agreement signed last November between the Government and the ...

Scared jungle children starve in Colombia's 'peace'  Yahoo News

Pié de Pató (Colombia) (AFP) - The cries of hungry babies pierce the quiet of dawn in the green jungles of northwestern Colombia. For thousands of indigenous ...

The Metamorphosis Of Colombia's Paramilitary Groups  Worldcrunch

Analysis- BOGOTÁ — Is paramilitarism finished in Colombia? Or did it simply change shape and morph into the so-called bandas criminals (criminal gangs) ...

Mother and baby survive Colombia jungle plane crash  BBC News

A young mother and her baby son have been found alive five days after their plane crashed in the jungle of western Colombia.

Colombia gold exporter used homeless and deceased to launder $450.000  Colombia Reports

One of Colombia's main gold exporting companies, S & JIL SAS, used homeless and deceased people to launder money worth almost $450,000, the Prosecutor ...

Colombia: Armed Groups Oppress Riverside Communities  Human Rights Watch

Two armed groups competing for control over stretches of Colombia's San Juan river are committing serious abuses against Afro-Colombian and indigenous ...

In a peaceful Colombia, violence continues to displace populations  Open Democracy

The transition to a stable and just situation will take time. At the moment, it is difficult to generate confidence in some people who are too used to being victims.

Colombian gang 'sold kidnap victims to ELN guerrilla'  BBC News

Prosecutors in Colombia say they have dismantled a gang which allegedly kidnapped people and sold them on to the Marxist ELN rebel group. Twelve people ...

Colombia's ELN rebels release kidnapped mayor  Yahoo News

Colombia's ELN guerrillas have released a mayor they kidnapped in December amid preliminary talks between the rebels and government on opening a peace ...

Christmas favorite "The Nutcracker" ballet performance set for Dec. 8-9  Ruidoso News

Dali Ballet Company's 12th annual production of "The Nutcracker" set for Dec. 8-9 at The Spencer Theater.

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