Magüi Payán, Nariño

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1.745 km2

1.500 msnm

Temperatura promedio
28 °C


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maguireño, maguireña, maguireños


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Massacre in Magüí Payán, Post-Conflict Colombia's Hidden Time Bomb

A November 27 massacre in the Colombia municipality of Magüí Payán has revealed the ticking time bomb threatening that part of the country.

Kids from war-torn southwest Colombia form ‘world’s best marching band’  Colombia Reports

When the children of a small village in Colombia's war-torn southwest of Colombia decided to form a marching band, they didn't know they would become a ...

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Authorities in southwest Colombia said Tuesday they are investigating reports claiming at least 13 people were killed in fighting between guerrillas. According to ...

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More than 400 people, mostly children, have been displaced in southwest Colombia where two FARC dissident groups are fighting over control, according to the ...

Nariño, Colombia: Ground Zero of the Cocaine Trade

The department of Nariño in southwest Colombia is the main coca-producing area in the country and in the world. It is a place scarred by poverty and years of ...

United Nations report calls for action on situation Colombia  The Bogota Post

A United Nations report on the situation of human rights in Colombia in 2017 has called on the government to do more to protect rural communities as they ...

US Estimates Highest-Ever Colombia Coca Production

New US government estimates of coca production in Colombia indicate the South American country is growing more of the drug-producing crop than ever before ...

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Criminal mafias take over Colombian forests

There are various competing land uses of the Amazon rainforest. The region in southern Colombia that until less than two years ago was the stronghold of the ...

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