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hospital CENTRO DE ATENCION LA MACARENA 985603217 CL 8 No 6-45
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Sierra de La Macarena National Natural Park

Colombia – The Sierra de La Macarena National Natural Park (Parque Nacional Natural Sierra de la Macarena) has its origins in the La Macarena Biological ...

Colombia's La Macarena struggles to move beyond government aid  The City Paper Bogotá

With all eyes set on the prize of “peace” with the FARC, there are invaluable lessons being learnt in the austere halls of academia about Colombia and her ...

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“Territories are like books: they can be in front of you, but if you do not read them you will never understand them,” said Juan Carlos Clavijo about Tinigua ...

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There are various competing land uses of the Amazon rainforest. The region in southern Colombia that until less than two years ago was the stronghold of the ...

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The Colombian Air Force employed a modular air system to combat the fires.

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The ratification last year of the historic peace agreement with oldest insurgency in the Americas has set the wheels of a post-conflict Colombia in motion. One of ...

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Twelve communities throughout Colombia are waiting for the country's trade ministry to certify them as sustainable tourism destinations. Here's a preview of what ...

Access to Caño Cristales temporarily suspended  The Bogota Post

Heavy drought and related low water levels urge the environmental authority of the Macarena Region to deny access to “World's Most Beautiful River”.

Colombia’s future involves fewer terrorists and more ecotourists  The Economist

THE dirt road that links the small town of Vista Hermosa in the department of Meta, in south-eastern Colombia, to the village of Santo Domingo is a slow and ...

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Discover Caño Cristales in Vista Hermosa, Colombia: An explosion of natural color known as "the river that ran away from paradise.".

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Residents of the town of La Macarena frequently toss a phrase into conversation: "Cuando estaba la guerrilla..." - "When the guerrillas were here..." It is an ...

US oil company sues Colombia for exploration ban near Caño Cristales  Colombia Reports

US oil company Hupecol Operating has sued Colombia for banning fracking near one of the country's most unique ecosystems, the Caño Cristales river, ...

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The Colombian President hoped the bilateral ceasefire with the National Liberation Army, starting Oct. 1, would lead the guerrillas to surrender their weapons ...

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Colombians are outraged by the FARC's decision to pay homage to one of its main leaders: Julio Suárez Rojas, alias “Jorge Briceño” or “Mono Jojoy”, who in ...

Forests in Colombia fall victim to illegal coca plantations

The illicit cultivation of coca leaf in Colombia grew by 39 percent between 2014 and 2015, from 69,000 to 96,000 hectares. That's according to the country's ...

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