Tumaco, Nariño Crditos

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3.778 km2

3 msnm

Temperatura promedio
26 °C


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tumaqueño, tumaqueña, tumaqueños


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hospital HOSPITAL SAN ANDRES E.S.E. 7272456 7272388 CL Anzoategui
notaria Notaría Única de Tumaco 7275405 Calle. Payan Esquina Calle. Marquez
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Mexican barons are the new Colombian drug trade orchestrators  Pulse Nigeria

Mexican drug traffickers used to wait at home for shipments of Colombian cocaine that would then be transferred to the United States, the world's biggest ...

On the trail of 'Guacho,' the narco making a killing from Colombia's peace process  National Post

An ex-FARC rebel gone rogue, Walter Arizala is terrorizing communities that should be enjoying the fruits of an historic 2016 pact.

Special Report: A fractured peace – violent rivals rush into FARC void in Colombia  Reuters

TUMACO, Colombia (Reuters) - When President Juan Manuel Santos and leaders of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia shook hands to end a ...

Six dissident FARC killed in southwest Colombia  Colombia Reports

Colombia's national army has killed six dissident FARC members in the southwest of the country, the defense ministry said Tuesday. The rogue guerrillas were ...

‘FARC dissidents’ kill three prosecution officials in southwest Colombia  Colombia Reports

A dissident faction demobilized rebel group FARC killed three prosecution officials in an attack in southwest Colombia on Wednesday. Eight suspected ...

Colombia Clamps Down on Narcotrafficking  Dialogo Americas

The Colombian Navy continues its fight against organized crime structures in Tumaco.

Colombia Deploys Troops to Tumaco as ELN Ceasefire Ends  Insightcrime.org

The government of Colombia has deployed thousands of troops to one of the country's most hotly contested cities to combat organized crime just as a ...

Nariño, Colombia: Ground Zero of the Cocaine Trade  Insightcrime.org

The department of Nariño in southwest Colombia is the main coca-producing area in the country and in the world. It is a place scarred by poverty and years of ...

‘ELN attack’ in southwest Colombia leaves quarter million people without electricity  Colombia Reports

An alleged ELN attack in Colombia's southwest left more than a quarter of a million people without power on Wednesday after an electrical tower was knocked ...

New Plan for Tumaco, Colombia Is Just Old Plan Repackaged  Insightcrime.org

Colombia President Juan Manuel Santos says he has a new plan to fight crime and drug trafficking in Tumaco, but it looks like the old one.

Colombia’s two anti-coca strategies are at war with each other  The Economist

JUST one road connects Tumaco, the second-busiest port on Colombia's Pacific coast, to the rest of the country. Beyond its verges are fields of coca bushes, ...

Southwest Colombia marches against state neglect and drug violence  Colombia Reports

Locals in Colombia's southwestern Tumaco massively took to the streets in a mass demonstration against ongoing violence and persistent state neglect in their ...

Colombia’s frontlines of the drug war: Nariño  Colombia Reports

Colombian authorities are combating the lowest echelons of the international drug trade, cocaine production. Nariño is one of the long-neglected areas where ...

Colombia: the power struggle in Tumaco and Alto Mira  Open Democracy

If the government fails to defend the farmers who have accepted the voluntary substitution of their coca crops, it will never win the support of the population for ...

Southwest Colombia furious at security forces after ’15 killed’ in massacre  Colombia Reports

Fifteen civilians were killed and more than 50 were injured after security forces shot indiscriminately into a crowd of peaceful protesters in southwest Colombia ...

Murder of 8 Campesinos in Tumaco Shows the Fragility of Peace in Colombia  Council On Hemispheric Affairs

The municipality of Tumaco in Colombia's Nariño department has become a symbol of the Colombian government's challenge to implementing the peace ...

As "Hercules" advances, peace with Colombia's ELN remains elusive  The City Paper Bogotá

Colombia's Armed Forces began a military campaign early January to reclaim the southern departments of Cauca and Nariño from control of illegal armed ...

Drug Seizures in Tumaco Make the 'Pacific Pearl' Colombia's Cocaine Capital  Insightcrime.org

A huge percentage of Colombia's soaring cocaine production has apparently passed through a single municipality, Tumaco, over the first few months of year.

Afro-Colombian Women Mobilize for Justice and Healing on International Women’s Day  Common Dreams

Tumaco – Afro-descendant women's organizations in Colombia are marking International Women's Day by highlighting Black women's role in peacebuilding ...

Military massacre in southwest Colombia? At least 8 killed, 18 injured in coca protest  Colombia Reports

According to Colombia's authorities, dissident FARC guerrillas launched mortars into a crowd of police and citizens, but locals and human rights organizations ...

Colombia Port Town in Bloody Battle Over Former FARC Turf  Insightcrime.org

At least four criminal groups are apparently running the illegal economies in the port of Tumaco on Colombia's Pacific coast, which is resulting in homicides and ...

Colombian Security Forces 'Massacre' Coca Farmers Under Pressure From Trump  The Daily Beast

In a grim display of violence, Colombian security forces opened fire on demonstrating farmers last week in southwest Nariño state. The farmers were protesting ...

Colombia and SOUTHCOM Align Victoria Plus Plan's Objectives  Dialogo Americas

SOUTHCOM evaluated the Comprehensive Action and Development model, which guarantees state presence in areas affected by the conflict and neutralizes ...

Ex-FARC Mafia Boss Had Cocaine Network, Mexico Ties  Insightcrime.org

The recent arrest of an ex-FARC criminal boss who controlled swathes of drug trafficking territory points to a key scenario in Colombia's new criminal era: former ...

Admiral Tidd Renews U.S. Commitment to Colombia  Dialogo Americas

The SOUTHCOM commander commended the progress of the Atlas Campaign and the efforts between Colombia and the United States to step up the war on ...

A side effect of peace in Colombia? A cocaine boom in the U.S.  The Washington Post

There is a giant surge in coca production as peasants try to cash in on government benefits.

Colombia landslide kills 13 as bus is swept into ravine  BBC News

The accident happened in the southern province of Nariño after heavy rains.

Off the beaten track: Altaquer, Nariño is a birder's dream  The Bogota Post

Located on the road between turbulent Tumaco and Pasto, Altaquer – bursting with rare birds and biodiversity – is shaking off its violent past and welcoming ...

Colombia Crude Exports Drop Amid Unrest  Seeking Alpha

Crude exports out of Colombia in recent years have averaged just over 600000 barrels per day, with exports typically the highest in January, before gradually d.

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