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hospital CENTRO DE ATENCION URIBE 985209659 KR 6 No 5-50
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Colombia's Uribe says Britain's MI6 part of 'ruse' against him  Channel NewsAsia

FILE PHOTO: Colombia's former president Alvaro Uribe Velez speaks to the news media after casting his vote at a polling station, during the presidential election ...

Death by bad implementation? The Duque administration and Colombia’s peace deal(s)  Brookings Institution

Colombia's peace agreement could suffer death by a thousand cuts—via budgetary measures and other subversions—by the Duque government. As a result ...

Colombia: Govt rushes to save national park from rampant deforestation  Mongabay.com

“Territories are like books: they can be in front of you, but if you do not read them you will never understand them,” said Juan Carlos Clavijo about Tinigua ...

Ivan Duque, the mafia’s puppet?  Colombia Reports

Colombia's former President Alvaro Uribe isn't the only unsavory character supporting Ivan Duque. The conservative presidential candidate can count on an ...

Colombia's Duque names Alberto Carrasquilla as his finance minister  Channel NewsAsia

BOGOTA: Colombian President-elect Ivan Duque on Wednesday named Alberto Carrasquilla as his finance minister when he takes office in August, and ...

Deforestation soars in Colombia after Farc rebels' demobilization  The Guardian

Area of deforestation climbed 44% in 2016 compared with year before, as criminal groups have swooped in promote illegal logging and mining.

Uribe and the U.S. Congress: A Troubling Alliance  Council On Hemispheric Affairs

By Maria Alejandra Silva, Research Associate at the Council on Hemispheric Affairs. To download a PDF of this article, click here. Since the beginning of the ...

Colombian election throws future of peace deal into doubt  IRINnews.org

Billed as the first peacetime Colombian election in more than half a century, the presidential run-off on 17 June has become a referendum on peace itself, or at ...

Colombia's presidential frontrunner Duque fights to ward off left  Channel NewsAsia

When Ivan Duque was a boy, his grandmother made him memorize the speeches of assassinated Colombian presidential candidate Eliecer Gaitan. By the ...

Alvaro Uribe: The Most Dangerous Man in Colombian Politics  Council On Hemispheric Affairs

By Maria Alejandra Silva, Research Associate at the Council on Hemispheric Affairs. To download a PDF of this article, click here. No other political figure is as ...

With Bated Breath: Watching Post-Election Colombia  Council On Hemispheric Affairs

by Rachel Rosenberg. Research Associate at the Council on Hemispheric Affairs. To download a PDF of this article, please click here. The votes were cast, ...

What now?  The Economist

ON SEPTEMBER 26th Colombia's president, Juan Manuel Santos, gleaming in a white shirt, appeared before more than a dozen heads of government and ...

How Radio Changed the Course of a 50-Year Civil War  VICE

The government and Marxist guerrillas both used the airwaves as weapons in their battle for the soul of Colombia.

Robert Dean Laustrup: Had a Big Heart and Would Do Anything to Help Anyone  Redheaded Blackbelt

Robert Dean Laustrup (Oly Bob) September 28, 1958 – September 29, 2018. Bob passed away Saturday, September 29 at home, his health has been rapidly ...

Right-wing Duque keeps edge ahead of Colombia's presidential vote - survey  Channel NewsAsia

Right-wing candidate Ivan Duque is holding onto a substantial lead over other contenders for the presidency ahead of Colombia's May 27 election, ...

Sanchez returns to Colombia's midfield, Senegal make three changes  Channel NewsAsia

Carlos Sanchez returns for Colombia alongside Mateus Uribe as coach Jose Pekerman changes up his midfield for his side's decisive Group H ...

COHA's Analysis of Colombia's Upcoming Election – COHA  Council On Hemispheric Affairs

by Rachel Rosenberg. Research Associate at the Council on Hemispheric Affairs. To download a PDF of this article, please click here. On June 17, Colombian ...

South America split over U.S. bases plan in Colombia  Reuters

QUITO (Reuters) - Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez and his allies sought to censure Colombia on Monday over a plan to host U.S. troops that has stoked ...

How Colombia became Latin America's palm oil powerhouse  Mongabay.com

Commercial oil palm cultivation in Colombia began in 1945 when a U.S.-based company established a plantation in the banana zone of the Magdalena ...

Colombia cocaine coca crop substitution criminal interference  Business Insider

Colombia's crop-substitution program aimed at reducing the country's coca output is being challenged in some regions by criminal groups and dissident rebels.

Reckoning with Colombia's Bloody, Conspiratorial History in Juan Gabriel Vásquez's “The Shape of the Ruins”  lareviewofbooks

Mike Broida finds danger in Juan Gabriel Vásquez's exploration of the conspiracies that shaped Colombia in his new novel, “The Shape of the Ruins.”

Uribe criticizes presidential candidates who are abandoning Santos  Colombia Focus

Last Tuesday, former Colombian president and standing senator Álvaro Uribe Vélez visited Medellín's “Comuna 13” to mark one year since the country rejected ...

Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos wants to reconcile with Former President Alvaro Uribe  Colombia Focus

President Juan Manuel Santos is expressing his interest in reconciling with former Colombian President and current Senator Álvaro Uribe Vélez. The move ...

Ex-President Álvaro Uribe explains his retaliatory attack on Daniel Samper  Colombia Focus

In a column in Colombian newspaper La Semana, journalist and comedian Daniel Samper launched a vicious attack on the Colombian state of Antioquia and ...

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