Riohacha, La Guajira Crditos

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3.171 km2

3 msnm

Temperatura promedio
28 °C


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riohachero, riohachera, riohacheros


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Directorio telefónico

Tipo Nombre Teléfono Dirección
hospital Empresa social del estado hospital nuestra señora de los remedios 7273312 CALLE 12 CARRERA 15 ESQUINA
hospital IPSI SUPULA WAYUU RIOHACHA 7286907 CALLE 2 No. 10-05
hospital IPSI OUTAJIAPALA 7282729 Calle 14 N° 10A - 76
hospital IPSI OUTAJIAPALA 7275715 Calle 15 N° 12-48
notaria Notaría 1 de Riohacha 7273644 Calle 3 No. 6-28
notaria Notaría 2 de Riohacha - Calle 3 No. 7-17
museo MUSEO CORPORACIÓN EDUCATIVA DEL CARIBE 57 (5) 727 0459 Calle 10 No. 9 - 90.
museo MUSEO ETNOGRÁFICO DE LA UNIVERSIDAD DE LA GUAJIRA 57 (5) 727 3788 Casa Directora Ciudadela Universitaria, Kilómetro 5 salida a Maicao
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Mothers and children pay the price of Venezuela's economic collapse  The Telegraph

In the scorching heat, worried mothers clutch sick children who are presenting with a mix of maladies – fevers, convulsions, skin lesions and even acute ...

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RIOHACHA, Colombia (Nov. 26, 2018) Capt. William Shafley (center), commander, Task Force 49, renders a salute during the playing of the National Anthem ...

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THE tumor of Wylfran Urdaneta, 11, had grown so large that it was pushing against his spine by the time he climbed aboard a helicopter bound for a US Navy.

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Amidst a nearly decade-long drought, a team of U.S. Navy construction professionals assigned to Naval Mobile Construction Battalion (NMCB) 133 began water ...

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English Assessment on Colombia about Food and Nutrition, Health, Children, Refugees and more; published on 31 Mar 2018 by Mercy Corps.

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With medicine and food scarce at home, indigenous Warao and Wayúu peoples are abandoning their lands to seek refuge in Brazil and Colombia.

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U.S. Navy Seabees assigned to Naval Mobile Construction Battalion (NMCB) 133, review a drilling manual during water well drilling exploration operations in ...

Colombia's pipes to nowhere: villagers die of thirst as corruption stalls dam project  The Guardian

The Ranchería river has run dry after three years of intense drought, decades of overuse and a lifetime of public corruption in the province of La Guajira, one of ...

On Colombia's north coast, La Guajira's pristine flamingo paradise  The City Paper Bogotá

On Colombia's northern coast, a unique reserve brims with pink flamingos, though climate change has threatened their numbers.

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