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3.075 km2

43 msnm

Temperatura promedio
28 °C


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quibdoseño, quibdoseña, quibdoseños


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notaria Notaría 1 de Quibdó - Carrera 7 No. 24-34
notaria Notaría 2 de Quibdó 6721394 Calle 25 no.6-71
museo MUSEO DE LA DIVERSIDAD BIOLÓGICA Y CULTURAL DEL PACÍFICO 57 (4) 671 0237 ext. 137/115 Ciudadela Universitaria.
museo MUSEO NATURAL E HISTÓRICO IEFEMP 57 (4) 6711745 Calle 31 No. 3 - 49
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'The Only Protection Is God': Negotiating Faith and Violence in Chocó  Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting

The predominantly Afro-Colombian region Chocó faces poverty, violence, and environmental destruction. Compensating for state neglect, the Catholic Church ...

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Two years after the signing of the peace accord in Colombia, the reinsertion into society of former FARC guerrillas is difficult and complicated, though the female ...

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After a failed peace pact raised the spectre of gang violence, music and dance have thrown the youth of Colombia's Chocó region a lifeline.

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This dispatch is from a National Liberation Army (ELN) fighting front deep within western Colombia's rainforest. by Maximo Anderson on 10 January 2018 |.

Colombia's LGBT community may not be benefiting fully from reparations system  Marketplace APM

As victims of violent civil conflict come forward, some say members of the LGBT community are being left behind.

Colombia awards Quibdó-Medellín road improvements  Business News Americas

Colombia's highway authority INVIAS awarded the first of two contracts to improve the road connecting the cities of Quibdó (Chocó department) .

Foreign investment flods Colombia's Pacific  Open Democracy

Colombia's Pacific is a neglected part of the country. Foreign investment is now heading there, fostering a type of development which breeds inequality and ...

Conflict Exacerbates in Chocó - Colombia  Reliefweb

According to the Bishop of Quibdó: In Chocó (one department of Colombia) 20 out of the 30 municipalities have been declared in a state of “Alert” due to ...

Through Its MBA Pipeline Strategy, TalentoTotal Aims to Empower Black and Indigenous Business Leaders in Colombia  Finance Colombia

"It is TalentoTotal's mission to shed light on the immense untapped talent pool that exists within these communities," says Gem McCreary of TalentoTotal.

Colombia’s Choco: From a tropical paradise to a jungle hell  Colombia Reports

Inhabitants of Colombia's western Choco province have been on strike for days to demand improvement of their unbearable living conditions. Here is why.

Indigenous people of Chocó forced to flee - Colombia  Reliefweb

The Inter-Ethnic Forum, the Indigenous Board and the Dioceses' of Quibdó, Istmina and Apratadó and many NGOs in Colombia, like ABColombia's partner, the ...

Colombia: the six top violent acts in 2017  Open Democracy

In the first year of implementation of the Peace Agreement between the government and the FARC, the number of deaths decreased considerably. But Colombia ...

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Colombia's unemployment rate grew to 9.4% in 2017, making it the country with the highest unemployment rate in Latin America after Venezuela.

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Colombia's authorities seem unable or hardly interested to curb the wholesale slaughter of the country's social leaders that has skyrocketed since a peace ...

Choco  Colombia Reports

Data and statistics on Choco, where Spain built its first city in the Americas. After centuries of neglect, the province is now the poorest in Colombia.

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The name Ana María Cortés means little outside Colombia. Ana María Cortés was murdered in a cafeteria in the village of Cáceres (Antioquia).

Despite FARC disarmament last year, violence continues in Colombia's abandoned zones  euronews [English edition]

Poor and isolated: Quibdó, in the northeast of Colombia, is one of the regions most affected by the 52-year-conflict between the Revolutionary Armed Forces of ...

Commissioner Stylianides in Colombia: over €31 million in humanitarian aid announced for Latin America and the Caribbean  EU News

During an official visit to Colombia to visit EU aid projects and meet with government officials, Commissioner for Humanitarian Aid and Crisis Management, ...

From paradise to paradise lost, the odyssey of a Colombian Indian community  AL DIA News

The thick jungles of the Colombian province of Choco on the Panamanian border was paradise to 117 Embera Indians until the violence of Colombia's armed ...

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