Nuquí, Chocó Crditos

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1.033 km2

5 msnm

Temperatura promedio
28 °C


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nuquiseño, nuquiseña, nuquiseños


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In Northwest Colombia, Whales, Waves and a Dancing Bird  New York Times

The Chocó region of Colombia is remote and mostly roadless. Beaches are empty but there's no shortage of sailfish, poison dart frogs or parrots.

West Colombia guerrilla war causing food shortages  Colombia Reports

Some 1,600 people in west Colombia are running out of food as combat between illegal armed groups make it impossible for them to get supplies, according to ...

Surfing with the elusive Chocó sun  The City Paper Bogotá

Surf's up on the long arcing beach of Termales on Colombia's Chocó coast, which is good news for the surfers paddling out into the rolling breakers, but not ...

Colombia Launches Operation to Close Narcotrafficking Routes  Dialogo Americas

Clashes between armed groupsnear rural populations along the Pacific coast of Colombia prompted Operation Armor.

State Department's travel advisory categorizes Colombia as Level Two nation  The City Paper Bogotá

The U.S State Department has released its global travel advisory list and as of January 12, Colombia has been up-graded as a Level Two country, where U.S ...

Nuquí: Our very own Newquay  The Bogota Post

Olly West finds out about Club de Surf de Chocó in Termales, a small community that is making waves in a sport little known in Colombia.

Violent History Repeats Itself in Colombia's Strategic Chocó Department

The ELN has denied responsibility for the killing of five civilians in the Colombian department of Chocó. The latest violence shows the zone's valuable strategic ...

How Colombia's Pacific Coast Flew Under the Surf Destination Radar

This stretch of coast has long flown under the surfing radar, likely from a combination of isolation and the long shadow of a violent past.

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After years of civil war and conflict, a writer returns to the Colombia of her youth and uncovers a region at a crossroads, ripe for rediscovery.

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Colombia has emerged from its troubled past. The present and future belong to a growing travel trade. Here are the 13 best things do in this South American ...

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Hymns to Condoto 'Town'  The City Paper Bogota

The recently-released album by Colombia's favorite hip-hop trio ChocQuibTown sings the praises of Condoto.

How do you solve half a century of bloodshed in Colombia? – podcast transcript  The Guardian

Last year's accord ended a civil war that claimed 250000 lives. Lucy Lamble investigates how Colombia's communities plan to build lasting peace.

Choco  Colombia Reports

Data and statistics on Choco, where Spain built its first city in the Americas. After centuries of neglect, the province is now the poorest in Colombia.

Colombia: Gastro Tourism to Attract More Tourists  Tourism Review

Gastro tourism in Colombia is the focus of a new promotion.

Russian captive makes 'Rambo-style' escape from Colombian guerillas  Russia Beyond the Headlines

While capturing frogs in the Choco region of Colombia in November 2016, Arsen Voskanyan was kidnapped by members of the National Liberation Army ...

How do you solve half a century of bloodshed in Colombia? – podcast  The Guardian

After the civil war that claimed 250000 lives ended with last year's accord, Lucy Lamble investigates how Colombia's communities plan to build lasting peace.

Conservation in Conflict Zones: Protecting Peace and Biodiversity in Colombia  New Security Beat

With a new peace process underway between the Colombian government and leaders of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) in Cuba, the.

'Miracle' mom, baby survive Colombia jungle plane crash  i24news

18-year-old and infant son survive plane crash that killed pilot; make it out of wild jungle unharmed.

Peace in Colombia's Countryside? First, Turn On the Lights.  Americas Quarterly

Geography and a lack of security have stunted Colombia's infrastructure development. The country needs to be connected for peace to take hold.

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