Nuevo Colón, Boyacá

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50 km2

2.450 msnm

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15 °C


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Monguí in Boyacá certified as a "sustainable" tourist destination  The City Paper Bogotá

The colonial town of Monguí, in central Boyacá, has been certified by the Ministry of Commerce, Industry, and Tourism (MinCIT) as a “Sustainable Tourist ...

Guaviare's Serranía La Lindosa receives protected status by ICANH  The City Paper Bogotá

A craggy rock face that skirts the rural township of Nuevo Tolima in the department of Guaviare is home to more ancient art than can be found in the most ...

Magnitude 5.2 earthquake rattles central Colombia Thursday morning  The City Paper Bogotá

A strong earthquake measuring 5.2 on the Richter scale rattled Colombia's capital at 12:39 am Thursday. According to the country's Geological Institute, ...

The Rolling Ruanas: A success story that rocks traditional carranga  The City Paper Bogotá

When Los Rolling Ruanas burst on to the musical scene with their debut album last year titled “La Balada del Carranguero” (Ballad of the Carranguero), ...

Royal Botanic Gardens to house seed bank from Colombia's páramos  The City Paper Bogotá

Colombia is home to 26,000 wild plants, placing it in second worldwide in diversity of flora. Although this mega-diverse country boasts 74 natural ecosystems ...

Highlights of President Iván Duque's emotive inaugural speech  The City Paper Bogotá

Just moments after taking the oath of office as Colombia's 60th President, Iván Duque addressed a crowd of 3,000 dignitaries assembled in the Plaza de Bolívar ...

Colombia's Patrulla Aérea: On wings of hope  The City Paper Bogota

The plane shudders as it gathers enough speed for take-off. A minute later, the six-seater is rapidly climbing altitude, and a cloudless sky ensures a smooth flight ...

Ron SantaFé wins Monde Selection "Prize of the Jury" in Brussels  The City Paper Bogotá

The Bogotá-based distillery, Empresa de Licores de Cundinamarca (ELC) has won the “Prize of the Jury” in Brussels, Belgium, for its 12-year aged rum, Ron ...

A journey to the origin of Colombia's arts and crafts  The City Paper Bogota

One of the real treats of traveling in Colombia is knowing that you can stop in any town and buy arts and crafts made from local artisans. While towns and rural ...

Pueblito Boyacense: All of Boyacá in one day  The City Paper Bogotá

Boyacá is one of Colombia's most picturesque departments known for its verdant green fields, glacial lakes and tiny little towns. These stunning colonial villages ...

Masterclass on how to find an emerald in Bogotá  The City Paper Bogotá

Buying emerald jewelry marks a special occasion with an emotionally rewarding investment, and is a decision not to be taken lightly. When it comes to fiery ...

State Department's travel advisory categorizes Colombia as Level Two nation  The City Paper Bogotá

The U.S State Department has released its global travel advisory list and as of January 12, Colombia has been up-graded as a Level Two country, where U.S ...

The Colón Theatre tributes Teresita Gómez and her 60 years as pianist  The City Paper Bogotá

She is one of Colombia's musical greats and to honor a career spanning sixty years, the Colón Theatre in Bogotá is hosting a one-night tribute to the grand ...

Colombian government warned Ecopetrol of potential oil spill risk from wells  The City Paper Bogotá

On March 3, the Lizama 158 well, operated by the state oil company Ecopetrol, began spewing crude in a remote area of central Colombia. This incident, which ...

Cool and "steamy" escapes for a St.Valentine's in Colombia  The City Paper Bogotá

Semana Santa in March is one of the busiest travel weeks in the year, but February celebrates one of our favorite patron saints, Saint Valentine of Terni, who ...

Officials remove at least two tons of dead fish from Boyacá lake  The City Paper Bogota

Thousands of dead fish have been removed since Friday from Lake Sochagota near the Boyacá town of Paipa.

Tibasosa in Boyacá set to host its yearly Feijoa Festival  The City Paper Bogota

If you happen to be traveling through the department of Boyacá this festive long weekend, then try to make it to Tibasosa where starting Saturday July 2nd until ...

Mystery on a Colombian mountain: the story of Señorita María  The City Paper Bogotá

Film director Rubén Mendoza is clearly not afraid of taking cinematic risks after he spent six years venturing into the hills of Colombia's Eastern Andes to ...

Made in Nobsa  The City Paper Bogota

Nobsa, Boyacá hosts an annual International Ruana Day to celebrate the traditional Muisca garment produced in the town.

Coscuez: The dark side of gemstones  The City Paper Bogota

The global market for colored gemstones, such as emeralds and rubies, is dominated by a few major players. One of the largest is Gemfields Plc, ...

Guaviare: A post-conflict frontier opens up to tourism  The City Paper Bogotá

Diego Cifuentes points to the last remaining coca bush in an open field. One of many migrant workers who left his native Venezuela to find work in the jungles of ...

King before Kingdom: The Reconquest at the Museo Nacional  The City Paper Bogotá

The Reconquista is both a historical period and powerful story forged by the victors of Colombia's struggle for independence. Chronologically, the period begins ...

From Muzo emerald mine, Colombia's 'green fire' goes global  The City Paper Bogota

Under foreign ownership, Colombia's Muzo emerald mine seeks to offer world-class emeralds without the occasionally violent tensions of the past.

Paipa: Hot springs for summer  The City Paper Bogota

Often overshadowed by the serene and colonial Villa de Leyva, Paipa is a nearby destination known for its hot healing springs and cold highland lake.

El Chato: A Bogotá restaurant on par with the very best  The City Paper Bogotá

Alvaro Clavijo shrugs off the all too common refrain that in order to become a chef you need to spend time in grandma's kitchen. “She couldn't even fry an egg,” ...

Bogotá reeling from strikes in the air and on the ground.  The City Paper Bogotá

Just as Bogotá is trying to get reconnected to the world after some 700 Avianca pilots walked off the job last month causing wide spread cancellations of flights, ...

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