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5.751 km2

125 msnm

Temperatura promedio
27 °C


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hospital CENTRO DE SALUD EL BOSQUE - CALLE 13 # 36 01
hospital CENTRO DE SALUD EL MERIDIANO 70 - CALLE 12 # 10 48
hospital CENTRO DE SALUD MIRAMAR - CRA 28 # 25 54
hospital CENTRO SALUD LA UNION - CRA 7 # 21 36
notaria Notaría Única de Arauca 8852203 Carrera 19 No. 14-58
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News  Argus Media

Colombia´s state-controlled Ecopetrol is cleaning up a small oil spill following another attack on the Caño Limón-Coveñas crude pipeline, which has been ...

Colombia: Jesuit Refugee Service arrives in Arauca, Colombia and Apure, Venezuela to address the crisis of displaced persons and refugees - Colombia  ReliefWeb

Arauca, November 5, 2018 - With a shared border more than 2.000 kilometres long, Colombia and Venezuela are facing a serious challenge in managing their ...

ELN release three hostages as six others remain in captivity in Arauca  The Bogota Post

After a month in captivity, the ELN have released three of the nine hostages that had been in their custody.The three soldiers, who had been held in an ...

Attack On An Oil Pipeline In The Department Of Arauca  Maritime Herald

An oil spill in Colombia threatens rivers and rural communities. In the zone, the ELN and EPL guerrillas commit crimes. So far, no group outside the law has ...

WFP Colombia Country Brief, July 2018 - Colombia  ReliefWeb

English Situation Report on Colombia about Contributions, Coordination, IDPs, Refugees and more; published on 31 Jul 2018 by WFP.

Colombia Neutralizes Leader of FARC Dissidents  Dialogo Americas

Colombian authorities captured Reinel Natalio García Mojica, alias Pija, leader of a residual Organized Armed Group (GAO in Spanish) of the Revolutionary ...

Colombia arrests eight soldiers over farmer killing  FRANCE 24

Bogota (AFP). Colombian authorities have arrested eight soldiers over the murder of a farmer earlier this year, one of thousands of such cases involving security ...

‘ELN’ holding three soldiers captive in northeast Colombia  Colombia Reports

Alleged members of Colombia's last-standing guerrilla group ELN kidnapped three off-duty soldiers in the northeast of the country, the National Army said ...

Killings of demobilized rebels threaten peace process in Colombia  Los Angeles Times

Dozens of former guerrillas of the FARC have been assassinated since a peace agreement went into effect in late 2016.

‘FARC dissidents’ blow up road and themselves: Police  Colombia Reports

At least three alleged members of a dissident FARC group were killed in northeast Colombia when a roadside bomb exploded prematurely, Police said ...

Regular Press Briefing by the Information Service, 14 September 2018: WFP briefing on Colombia-Venezuelan border - Colombia  ReliefWeb

English News and Press Release on Colombia and 2 other countries about Education, Food and Nutrition, Aged Persons, Children and more; published on 14 ...

A Colombian Rebel Group Resumes Attacks After Cease-Fire Ends  The New York Times

While no deaths were reported, the attacks highlighted the challenges Colombia faces in negotiating a peace deal with the ELN rebel group similar to the one it ...

Venezuela’s Refugee Crisis: why don’t we care?  The Independent

Under the soft orange glow of a street light in the guerrilla controlled town of Arauca, Northern Colombia, animal like silhouettes sit in puddles of water on the ...

Colombian Armed Forces Capture ELN Terrorists  Dialogo Americas

In a joint operation, the Colombian Army, Navy, and National Police captured two members of the National Liberation Army guerrilla group.

Colombian government refuses to close its border with Venezuela  MercoPress

At least 8000 Venezuelans cross the border between Colombia and Venezuela daily to the department of Arauca, southeast of Colombia. Although the migratory ...

Colombia: Population movement - Colombia  ReliefWeb

English News and Press Release on Colombia about Health, Protection and Human Rights, Refugees and more; published on 21 Mar 2018 by IFRC.

What will the peace process mean for Colombia's border regions? The government will have to start governing.  The Washington Post

The “how” and the “when” of Colombia's latest peace breakthrough are of course important — but so is the “where” and “with whom.” On June 23, the Colombian ...

Colombia rebels must free kidnapped soldiers, police, Duque says  Reuters

The Marxist ELN rebel group must free nine hostages and stop all criminal activity if it truly wants a peace deal, new Colombian President Ivan Duque said on ...

Will Colombia's most 'stubborn' rebel group agree to peace?  The Conversation AU

Two months after signing peace accords with the FARC guerrillas, Colombia is set to start negotiations with the country's second-largest rebel group, the ...

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