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545 km2

75 msnm

Temperatura promedio
35 °C


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albanes, albaneses


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hospital ESE HOSPITAL SAN RAFAEL DE ALBANIA 777 45 96 Calle 5 No. 3-05
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New Criminal Group Runs Fuel Smuggling at Colombia-Venezuela Border

Rivers of gasoline flow across the desert border from Venezuela into Colombia's La Guajira department, nourishing an immense illegal market and enriching a ...

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On August 4, 2017, Human Rights Watch submitted the following presentation to the UN Committee on Social, Economic, and Cultural Rights, regarding ...

Colombian Air Force Delivers Medical Services to the Wayúu People  Dialogo Americas

The Colombian Air Force anticipates treating more than 5000 people during the four activities scheduled for the department of La Guajira in 2017.

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(Today Colombia) Colombian mining company Carbones del Cerrejon Ltd. has inaugurated Latin America's first large-tire recycling plant, which will export part ...

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