San Agustín, Huila Crditos

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1.574 km2

1.695 msnm

Temperatura promedio
18 °C


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agustinense, agustinenses


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Tipo Nombre Teléfono Dirección
hospital ESE HOSPITAL ARSENIO REPIZO VANEGAS 098-8373033 CALLE 3 No. 2-51 esquina
notaria Notaría Única de San Agustín 8373011 Calle 5 No. 12-40
museo MUSEO ARQUEOLÓGICO JULIO CÉSAR CUBILLOS 57 (8) 837 3007 Carrera 11 No. 3 - 61. Casa de Cultura
museo MUSEO ARQUEOLÓGICO Y SALA ETNOGRÁFICA PARQUE ARQUEOLÓGICO NACIONAL DE SAN AGUSTÍN 57 (8) 5619700 Ext. 109 ICANH Btá Parque Arqueológico de San Agustín, Vereda Mesitas
museo MUSEO ETNOGRÁFICO 57 (8) 837 3083 Vereda el Tablón
museo MUSEO PRECOLOMBINO VILLA REAL 57 (8) 837 3479 Calle 5 No. 12 - 35.
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Aymer Quinayas Ortiz uses shade to protect the native forests on his farm, Finca La Pelota, in San Agustín, Huila, Colombia. Photo by Mariana Reyes Serrano.

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A storm is brewing in a notoriously tempestuous corner of southwest Colombia; clouds of pristine white taffeta and riotous red silk spiral like mini tornadoes as ...

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In San Agustin, Colombia, lay stories of Gods, masters, and ordinary people belonging to a culture that flourished between the 8th and the 1st century BC.

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