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12.914 km2

160 msnm

Temperatura promedio
28 °C


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Miraflores, Colombia: The Municipality Where Peace Never Arrived  Insightcrime.org

Miraflores is home to thousands of hectares of illicit crops, as well as the dissident 1st Front of the demobilized FARC guerrilla group.

Colombia: Deforestation And Usurping Indigenous Land Go Together  Worldcrunch

BOGOTÁ — Neither laws nor state actions have managed to curb the progressive deforestation of Colombia's Amazonian territories, which include the homes of ...

Rebel road expansion brings deforestation to remote Colombian Amazon  Mongabay.com

MIRAFLORES, Colombia – “We can't move like we used to,” said Joaquin Dajada, a twenty-something displaced member of the Nukak indigenous community, ...

Criminal mafias take over Colombian forests  Mongabay.com

There are various competing land uses of the Amazon rainforest. The region in southern Colombia that until less than two years ago was the stronghold of the ...

These towns show there is plenty of hope for peace in Colombia  Colombia Reports

Facebook Twitter Reddit LinkedIn Google+ WhatsApp Email. Some towns in former FARC territory in Colombia's problem areas have demonstrated it is possible ...

Former Farc rebels kidnap UN official in Colombia from coca crop region  The Guardian

Herledy López, a Colombian, was seized on Wednesday by Farc gunmen in southern Guaviare province, where he was working to switch coca for legal crops.

In Colombia, a national park's expansion announced as deforestation progresses  Mongabay.com

This article is a journalistic collaboration between Mongabay Latam and Colombia's Semana Sostenible. by Esteban Montaño/Semana Sostenible on 6 March ...

Colombian dissident FARC rebels free captive U.N. official: government  Reuters

BOGOTA (Reuters) - Colombia's dissident FARC rebels freed a member of a United Nations team it had taken hostage while he was working on a project to ...

Is Colombia Underestimating the Scale of FARC Dissidence?  Insightcrime.org

Colombian government is downplaying percentage of former FARC guerrillas that have abandoned the peace process.

Last march of the Farc: Colombia's hardened fighters reach for a normal life  The Guardian

Latin America's most formidable guerilla group is transitioning to civilian life following a historic peace deal. But that doesn't mean their struggles are over.

More than just Spanish, Colombia speaks dozens of languages  The City Paper Bogota

While Colombia commemorates Día del Idioma, more than 65 native and creole languages are still spoken in parts of the country.

GameChangers 2017: Is Colombia's FARC Really Gone?  Insightcrime.org

Has Colombia's FARC really left the country's criminal scene? Yes, and absolutely not. The rebel army is gone, and has become a political party. The FARC ...

Three Highways In The Amazon And Dilemmas Of Deforestation  Worldcrunch

Plans to build highways through the Amazon rainforest are clear violations of pledges made in Paris to end deforestation by 2020. But the situation on the ...

Colombia's Chiribiquete national park to be extended  BBC News

President Juan Manuel Santos says he plans to add 1.5 million hectares to the protected area.

Colombian air force kills dissident Farc rebel leader  BBC News

A leader of a dissident Farc rebel group has been killed in the Colombian province of Guaviare, the country's ministry of defence has announced. The man, who ...

Dissident FARC Guerrillas Kidnap UN Official in Colombia  Insightcrime.org

Dissident elements of Colombia's FARC rebel group reportedly kidnapped a member of a United Nations delegation, signaling the breakaway faction's intention ...

Land hoarding: what Colombia's new administration has inherited  Mongabay.com

Local authorities say that they are no longer as trusting of the actions suggested by the federal government. Humberto Sánchez, the mayor of San Vicente del ...

DC-3 vintage aircraft are the workhorse of the Colombian jungle  Public Radio International

The twin engine DC-3 got its start in World War II. And some of those vintage planes are still flying in Colombia.

Victims and perpetrators gather for Pope's Colombia visit  BBC News

Both victims and perpetrators in Colombia's long conflict share their hopes during the Pope's visit.

How Radio Changed the Course of a 50-Year Civil War  VICE

The government and Marxist guerrillas both used the airwaves as weapons in their battle for the soul of Colombia.

Colombia destroys cocaine labs in jungle region  BBC News

Security forces in Colombia carry out a huge operation to destroy more than a hundred cocaine production laboratories in the south-eastern jungle.

Dissident FARC Rebels Are Stirring Up Trouble  War Is Boring

This article originally appeared at InSight Crime. The Colombian government has released estimates indicating that only a small percentage of former FARC ...

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