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1.605 km2

2.630 msnm

Temperatura promedio
14 °C


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Tipo Nombre Teléfono Dirección
hospital ESE HOSPITAL SANTA CLARA 091 3283105 Carrera 14 B N 1- 45 sur
hospital UNIVERSIDAD PEDAGOGICA NACIONAL 3471190 EXT 126/370 CL 72 # 11 86
hospital HOSPITAL RAFAEL URIBE URIBE ESE 1-2095002 Cra 13 26 A 34 sur
notaria Notaría 1 de Bogotá 4818175 PBX 2830759 Calle 16 No. 4-62
notaria Notaría 2 de Bogotá 2358799 Ext 101 Carrera 13 No. 64-29
notaria Notaría 3 de Bogotá 3427689-3416640- 4789177- 4789179- 4789181 Calle 12B No.8A-34 Locales 9 - 10 y 11
notaria Notaría 4 de Bogotá 605 13 13 Carrera 8 No.17-30 Piso 3, 4 y 5
notaria Notaría 5 de Bogotá 5202462 5227684 5202468 PBX EXT.113 DORA VELOSA Carrera 15A No. 120-63
museo BIBLIOTECA LUIS ANGEL ARANGO 57 (1) 343 1223 Calle 11 No. 4 - 14
museo CASA GÓMEZ CAMPUZANO 57 (1) 2100816 Calle 80 No. 8 - 66, El Nogal
museo CASA MUSEO ANTONIO NARIÑO 57 (1) 203 0131 Calle 10 A Sur No. 38 - 25, Parque Ciudad Montes
museo CASA MUSEO FRANCISCO JOSÉ DE CALDAS 57 (1) 289 6275 Carrera 8 No. 6 - 87
museo CASA MUSEO JORGE ELIÉCER GAITÁN 57 (1) 6044747 Ext. 29226 Calle 42 No. 15 - 52
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Cundinamarca's ELC inaugurates high-tech production plant in Cota  The City Paper Bogotá

The department's distillery Empresa de Licores de Cundinamarca (ELC) has inaugurated a state-of-the-art facility in the municipality of Cota with more than 400 ...

Bogotá’s Best Bars, Clubs, and Nightlife For Drinking and Salsa Dancing  Eater

Where to go clubbing, find classic salsa bars, drink eccentric cocktails, and try natural wine in Colombia's capital.

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Read the Four Seasons Hotel Casa Medina, Bogotá, Colombia hotel review on Telegraph Travel. See great photos, full ratings, facilities, expert advice and book ...

Ron SantaFé wins Monde Selection "Prize of the Jury" in Brussels  The City Paper Bogotá

The Bogotá-based distillery, Empresa de Licores de Cundinamarca (ELC) has won the “Prize of the Jury” in Brussels, Belgium, for its 12-year aged rum, Ron ...

Dining Dispatch: Tackling the immense tamal tolimense at Pastelería Florida in Bogotá  Los Angeles Times

The rustic tolimense-style tamale is a regional specialty from Colombia, larger than Mexican tamales and traditionally made with a chicken leg, pork, carrots, ...

Consuegra: Preserving the future of Colombia's food heritage  The City Paper Bogotá

When you sit down at a table in one of Colombia's many village restaurants, chances are you'll be handed a steaming bowl of soup and platter laden with some ...

Amazon to launch in Colombia with customer service center in Bogotá  The City Paper Bogotá

The online retail giant, Amazon, announced Tuesday it will open its first customer *service* center in Colombia this October. The world's largest electronic retailer ...

W Bogotá Hotel Review, Bogotá, Colombia | Travel

The W brings a childish pleasure to staying in a big chain hotel. It's delightfully flamboyant while being exemplary in design and *service*. All the bases are ...

Colombia's feared AUC commander "El Águila" asks for forgiveness  The City Paper Bogotá

A feared paramilitary leader who commandeered death squads across western Cundinamarca department, has publicly asked forgiveness from his victims.

Río Bogotá gets a new lease on life with massive clean-up effort by CAR  The City Paper Bogotá

The Río Bogotá, known during pre-Hispanic times as Río Funza, was documented by the first conquistadores as a crystalline river flowing through a territory of ...

The 30 Best Restaurants in Bogotá, Colombia  Eater

“Many first-time visitors to Bogotá are surprised, as if they expected a very different city,” says food writer and Bogotá native Liliana López Sorzano. They're in for ...

Heavy rains across Colombia expected to last until June  The City Paper Bogotá

Colombia's Institute of Hydrology Meteorology and Environmental Studies (IDEAM) predicts that the rainy season will last until mid-June. The institute has ...

State Department's travel advisory categorizes Colombia as Level Two nation  The City Paper Bogotá

The U.S State Department has released its global travel advisory list and as of January 12, Colombia has been up-graded as a Level Two country, where U.S ...

Colombia's President-elect Iván Duque names ministers of his cabinet  The City Paper Bogotá

Colombia's president-elect Iván Duque has named the first members of his “inner circle” that include experienced politicians and newcomers to public *service*.

Bogotá's MAMU challenges the way we see "rational art"  The City Paper Bogotá

Three curators, Nimfa Bisbe of the Spanish bank La Caixa, Nydia Gutiérrez of the Museum of Antioquia and Nicolás Gómez of the Banco de la República, came ...

Girardot: The town that rails and rumba built  The City Paper Bogotá

If you're looking for a yoga-infused destination, or peaceful retreat to the lowlands of Cundinamarca, then Girardot on a long weekend, especially at the end of ...

Take a hike on the wild side of Cundinamarca  The City Paper Bogota

For a lush, mountainous hiking escape just a few miles and a world away from Bogotá, take a trek from Tena to Bojacá.

Water route Cundinamarca: water way to have a good time  The Bogota Post

Following a water route is a great way to immerse yourself in the history and nature that have also flowed downstream over the ages.

Collapse of Colombian bridge kills nine workers, injures five  Reuters

BOGOTA (Reuters) - At least nine construction workers were killed and five injured when a partially-constructed bridge collapsed in central Colombia on Monday ...

The 12 Best Coffee Shops in Bogotá, Colombia  Eater

To taste the best Colombian coffee in Bogotá, these are the best cafes to visit, including Azahar, Café Devoción, Varietale, Café San Alberto, and Café Cultor.

Expat advice: moving to Bogotá  Financial Times

Continuing the expat advice series, FT Residential focuses on Bogotá this time. We invite readers to participate in a short survey and share their expat tales from ...

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