Istmina, Chocó Crditos

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2.000 km2

18 msnm

Temperatura promedio
26 °C


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istmineño, istmineña, istmineños


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hospital FUNDACION MEDICENTER LAS MERCEDES 6702645-6703109 CARRERA 6 N° 30-16
notaria Notaría Única de Istmina 6702974 calle 32a No. 8-16
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Conflict Exacerbates in Chocó - Colombia  Reliefweb

According to the Bishop of Quibdó: In Chocó (one department of Colombia) 20 out of the 30 municipalities have been declared in a state of “Alert” due to ...

Colombian Military Forces Attack Drug Trafficking in Operation Barbudo  Dialogo Americas

The National Liberation Army and the Gulf Clan are dealt resounding blows in the depths of the Chocó jungle.

Indigenous people of Chocó forced to flee - Colombia  Reliefweb

The Inter-Ethnic Forum, the Indigenous Board and the Dioceses' of Quibdó, Istmina and Apratadó and many NGOs in Colombia, like ABColombia's partner, the ...

The opening buzzer sounds for Colombian basketball season  The Bogota Post

Colombian basketball will be heading for a slam dunk in 2018, with the announcement of a newly designed domestic basketball league.

Colombia's biodiversity under threat by deforestation reports Humboldt Institute  The City Paper Bogotá

Colombia is one of the most biodiverse countries on the planet, but a report released this week by the Humboldt Institute presents a disheartening panorama for ...

Colombia: people affected by flooding in Chocó receive emergency aid  ICRC

About 10000 people affected by flooding caused by the torrential winter rains in the department of Chocó on the Pacific Coast of Colombia receive food and ...

FIFA Quality Synthetic Turf Field Provides Social Impact to Colombian Community  PR Web

(PRWEB) April 02, 2014 -- The remote town of Istmina, Chocó, Colombia now has access to a world-class synthetic turf football surface, due to high quality.

Acid attack victim says the pope saved her from suicide  New York Post

A Colombian acid-attack victim who had scheduled her own death by euthanasia at the end of the month changed her mind when she met Pope Francis — who.

Afro-Colombian women braid messages of freedom in hairstyles  Washington Post

Ziomara Asprilla Garcia remembers the click, click, click of her mother's hands quickly braiding strands of hair and twisting them into neat rows under a mango ...

Surviving Amid Plunder in Colombia's Chocó Region  New York Times

RIO DE JANEIRO – Squeezed between the Pacific Ocean and the Andes, covered by thick, forbidding jungle and drenched by so much rain that it's among the ...

Colombia's Alto Baudó: At the crossroads of oceans  The City Paper Bogotá

Can we really be there?” I wonder, as our motorboat pulls to the side of a river deep in the Chocó. I am expecting a town, but there is none in sight, just a muddy ...

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