Marmato, Caldas

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41 km2

1.310 msnm

Temperatura promedio
23 °C


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marmateño, marmateña, marmateños


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notaria Notaría Única de Marmato 8598319 Escuela de Minas, Sector El Llano
museo CASA DE LA CULTURA DE MARMATO 57 (6) 859 8140 Personería Plaza Principal
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Gran Colombia Gold Drilling Confirms and Extends the High-Grade Zone of Deeps Style of Mineralization to More Than 300 Vertical Metres Below the Deepest Level of the Existing Mining Operation at the Marmato Project; Provides November 2018 Production Update  GlobeNewswire

TORONTO, Dec. 14, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Gran Colombia Gold Corp. (TSX: GCM; OTCQX: TPRFF) announced additional high-grade intercepts today ...

Gran Colombia Gold Corp.

03:21 PM EST - Gran Colombia Gold Corp. : Announced additional high-grade intercepts today from a further nine holes drilled in the Deeps Zone at its ...

Gran Colombia Gold to switch Marmato project from open pit to underground

Shares in Gran Colombia Gold (TSX:GCM) climbed Wednesday after the Canadian miner updated mineral resource estimates for its Marmato project in ...

Colombia: The Mysterious Death of Father José Reinel Restrepo  Americas Quarterly

The killing of a priest who spoke out against an open-pit gold mine project by a Canadian company is spraying unrest in the community. Foreign direct ...

The Future of Gran Colombia's Marmato Project is Going Underground - Resource World Magazine  Resource World Magazine

Aiming for a strong production growth profile, Gran Colombia Gold Corp. [GCM-TSX; TPRFF-OTC] is mobilizing to take its strategy to the next level to unlock ...

Sixteen people trapped in gold mine in Colombia

Sixteen miners are trapped inside a gold mine in Colombia following the collapse of the quarry's entrance. The mine is located in the municipality of Marmato, ...

Fourteen Colombian miners rescued from collapsed mine

It took Colombian authorities about three hours to be able to dig a back access entrance and free 14 people that were trapped inside a gold mine in the Marmato ...

The Human Cost of Colombian Gold  New York Times

In “La Batea,” Stephen and Elizabeth Ferry look at the grueling work of traditional miners in Colombia and the legacy of the obsession with precious metals.

Gold Fever, Green Dreams: The Many Faces of Gold Mining in Colombia (Pt. 2)  NACLA

This article is the second in a two-part investigative series on the social, economic, and ecological impacts of gold mining in Colombia.

Gran Colombia Gold goes after the South American nation in $700 million lawsuit

The lawsuit is against the government's order to Gran Colombia Gold to halt its Marmato project until it has further consulted with local residents.

Despite 42-day strike, Gran Colombia surpasses 2017 production guidance

Canada's Gran Colombia Gold (TSX:GCM) announced today that its total gold production for 2017 was 173,821 ounces, up 16% over 2016 and surpassing its ...

Gran Colombia Gold threatens USD$700 million lawsuit  The Bogota Post

Colombian court rules in favour of local residents after ten year dispute with Canadian mining company Gran Colombia Gold.

Controversial Canada mining company sues Colombia for $700M  Colombia Reports

Gran Colombia Gold, the Canadian-registered gold company once presided by Colombia's former foreign minister, has sued the South American country for ...

Gran Colombia Gold  Mining Global

Gran Colombia Gold projects are based on a long-term vision, in operations that not only monitor and take care of financial aspects but also its workforce.

Canadian Mining Company Gran Colombia Gold Reportedly Files $700 Million USD Lawsuit Against Colombia  Finance Colombia

Gran Colombia's $700 million lawsuit alleges that the local government failed to evict illegal miners from their sites of operations.

Gold war in Colombia: traditional miners against the state  Equal Times

Luz Dary has spent more than half of her life in the mine. This 47-year-old Colombian woman is a chatarrera, a scrap collector: she toils away, every day, from ...

Behind Gran Colombia Gold's Dispute with the Colombian Government: Is There a $700 Million USD Lawsuit?  Finance Colombia

Gran Colombia Gold is in the middle of a grievance with the Colombian government. The Canadian-registered gold and silver mining firm has been struggling to ...

Snapshot: Juniors in Colombia, Ecuador and Peru  The Northern Miner

For mineral explorers and developers, the northern Andean countries of Colombia, Ecuador and Peru are a potent combination of richly endowed metal ...

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Survival, Profit, and War: The Many Faces of Gold Mining in Colombia (Pt. 1)  NACLA

This article is the first in a two-part investigative series on the social, economic, and ecological impacts of gold mining in Colombia.

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