Urrao, Antioquia Crditos

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2.585 km2

1.790 msnm

Temperatura promedio
20 °C


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urraeño, urraeña, urraeños


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notaria Notaría Única de Urrao 8502065 Calle 31 No. 31-58
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Rabies alert issued in northwest Colombia  Outbreak News Today

The Colombian Agricultural Institute (ICA) confirmed seven cases of rabies in bovine and equine animals in Urrao, Southwest Antioquia. Image/markusspiske.

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Gold mining companies in Colombia are under increasing pressure as local and statewide municipalities continue to crack down on their activities. Antioquia ...

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Long before Rigoberto Urán finished second at the Tour de France, he had to climb out of poverty and steer clear of the violence in his native Colombia.

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